Date: February 11, 2019
Pro-One Performance Products, Inc.
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Pro-One Performance Manufacturer Advertising Policy for Pro-One Performance Products Effective January 1, 2019

Dear Pro-One Performance Products Distributors and Dealers:


Pro-One Performance Products, Inc. is committed to offering the best quality products, and we believe that a key element of that offering is a high degree of service both before and after the sale to ensure effective customer satisfaction. In order to ensure that our retailers earn an adequate profit margin on their sales of our products, and to prevent unwarranted devaluation of our brand,


Pro-One Performance Products, Inc. is adopting the following policy for retail advertising (advertising defined as those public advertisements outside of a retailer's physical store; this includes, but is not limited to, direct mail, faxes, emails, print, radio, television, outdoor, Social Media and Internet media).


-This policy relates only to current, active merchandise; any products deemed as closeouts or discontinued items, or otherwise expressly excluded from this policy by Pro-One Performance Products, Inc. to retailers as not applicable under this policy are not covered.


-For such currently active merchandise, retail advertised price should not be discounted more than 10% below the manufacturer's suggested retail price.


-No packages may be advertised which mix covered Pro-One Performance Products, Inc. items with products that are not covered under this policy where the items not covered are deeply discounted below their normal, individually advertised prices as the result is to effectively discount the protected items below the 10% off MSRP.


-No "Call", "Call for Price", "Guaranteed Lowest Prices", or other similar statements may be used specifically on Pro-One Performance Products, Inc. products.


Retailers may report any identified or suspected violations directly to Pro-One Performance Products, Inc. Pro-One Performance Products, Inc. reserves full rights for enforcement of this policy and the violations processing.



Joe Yang
Pro-One Performance Products, Inc.


Pro-One Performance Products Procedure for Vendor Non-Compliance to Retail Advertising Price Policy


Any violations of this policy must be documented, including a printed or permanent electronic copy of evidence of non-compliance. Upon receiving evidence of non-compliance, enforcement of the policy will take place in three steps:


  1. Written warning with request for corrective action will be sent to the vendor. Internet changes will be allowed 48 hours for change. Print violations will be allowed the relevant production cycle of the magazine/media for change, not to exceed 6 months.


  1. A second violation, or failure to correct a first offense, will result in the retailer losing the right to use images, trademarked logos, and brand names in any public advertising of Pro-One Performance products for a period of six


  1. A third violation may result in prohibition of the retailer purchasing the relevant brand for a period of no less than 6 months, with reinstatement at the discretion of Pro-One Performance Products, Inc. Reinstatement is not